For 10 years now, Millet has boldly embraced human and sporting enterprise by backing expeditions and adventures through Millet Expedition Project, a springboard for future talents of mountain sports.

Around Millet, a club of complementary partners (product, technical, medias) joins their forces to provide a material and financial assistance, customized training, and full back-up throughout their expedition – to give every project the best chance of succeeding.

Expedition is a rewarding and memorable experience for all the lovers of adventure. The support provided by the Millet Expedition Project allows explorers to consider ambitious projects. The example of Antoine Bletton, twice laureate, and now member of the GMHM (Military Group in High Mountain) and technical advisor for Millet reflects it. “The Millet Expedition Project has enabled us to benefit from training and experience of experts in expeditions. Success in mountain really depends on preparation, the other part is only luck.”

The chief objective of each MXP is to help the winners make their dreams come true. Whether the quest to accomplish a sporting feat, the seek to meet local peoples or discovery and study of the environmental change going on around us, the judges need to be swayed by a project’s distinctive and novel identity but also by the participants’ enthusiasm and drive. That’s what will help projects to succeed and catch their dreams.