THE 3 WINNERS OF THE 2018 EDITION ARE KNOWN!In mid-October, the MXP jury selected 8 finalist projects that stood out among the dozens of applications received for the 2018 edition.

The selected teams had the opportunity to present and defend their project in front of the partner pool during a grand oral that took place on November 9 in Annecy. After deliberation, 3 projects were finally selected as winners of the 2018 edition and will therefore be supported by Millet Expedition Projects to make their dream come true!

Once again, this edition has been marked by the eclecticism and the variety of received projects. We have finally picked 3 projects with various approaches, from activities to countries visited. Here is a condensed presentation of the 3 projects awarded to learn more about their goals. They will all leave during the first half of 2019 and we will keep you posted about it from preparatory stages to the expedition realisations from January 2019.

Thank you to all our partners and all the candidates who entered this 2018 edition. We look forward to seeing you in 2019 for a new edition of the MXP that will come back in February with a new call for applications.


Expedition 5300

EXPEDITION 5300 is a scientific and humanitarian adventure in the highest city of the world, La Rinconada in Peru, at 5100 meters high. In this unique location, nearly 50,000 people live permanently in conditions at the limit of human tolerance (because of the very poor level of oxygen), with a gold mine as their major economic activity. Our expedition bring together a team of international scientists whose main objective is to study the limits of human body adaptation to the lack of oxygen. This adventure goes beyond linking science, discovery and humanitarianism in a high mountain town never studied on a scientific level.

Winners response to their MXP award:
"Our scientific expedition project in the highest city in the world in Peru brings together French scientists and doctors for a real scientific and human adventure. This project is unique in this population of high altitude cause we will be the first to study them. Also by setting up a real ephemeral laboratory at over 5000 m altitude able to characterize genes until sleep and to the answers to effort these exceptional Peruvians. We are so happy and proud to be supported by the Millet Expedition Project, by French mountain experts who will contribute to the success of this adventure. "

Expected departure date: February 2019
6 weeks
Trekking - Sciences


The SEA-ICE Greenland project is a multidisciplinary expedition project on climate change that will take place along the north-west coast of Greenland during the winter of 2018/2019. A scientific study of the consequences of environmental changes taking place in this area of ​​the Arctic and their impacts and perceptions on local populations will be built during this ski-pulka expedition. A 340-kilometer trip will be made on the ice floe between Upernavik and Kullorsuaq.

Winners response to their MXP award:
"We are of course very happy that our project has been awarded by the Millet Expedition Project but also proud of the trust that the various partners involved give us. We are particularly pleased that this project is generating interest in a variety of settings. There is no doubt that the support of the MXP will allow the expedition to unfold in the best conditions! "

Estimated departure date: March 2019
1 month
Ski - Pulka


"Icons of the amazon" aims to go down some of the biggest rapids in the heart of the Amazon in Colombia. A team of 3 of the best extreme kayakers in the world will set off to face its monstrous rivers as part of a project mixing sporting adventure, culture and science. After an exploratory phase in the heart of the jungle to discover local ecosystem and communities living in this very remote area of the Amazon, kayaking rapids will be the culmination of this project.

Winners response to their MXP award:
"It's an honor for us to see our Amazon Icons project among the winners of the MXP 2018. We look forward to starting the collaboration with Millet and its partners, and it's the beginning of a great story and adventure"

1 month
Kayak - Sciences