On 16 April, a judging panel of mountain professionals picked the winners of the 2015 Millet Expedition Project.

It’s an essential factor in making your expedition dream come true… And this year, six projects have been handed the precious key. The MXP 2015 winners will generate emotions and thrills as they make us yearn for adventure and the great outdoors! Since 2007, more than 300 adventurers from all over the world have received MXP funding and realized their dream in places across the planet.

After months of waiting, the MXP judging panel gathered on April 16 to deliberate and pick the entrants who will be lucky enough to venture off and make their dream come true.


The public expedition's: The call of Huu Lung

This expedition’s aim is to develop the rock of Huu Lung (110km from Hanoi) and its region in terms of equipping new routes. This will enable locals to express their potential, to evolve and to contribute themselves to supporting local climbing at the scale of a Vietnamese village.

Vietnam / 3 men       21 days / Rock-climbing

The Hexagone’s five summits

The Griders’ team will ascent the highest peak of each one of the five mountain ranges of France over 1000m. They will choose a different sport for each stage: hiking, trail running, mountain biking, climbing and mountaineering. The aim is to experience a journey in the French mountains while showing their diversity and their attractiveness.

France / 6 to 8 men   25 days / Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and mountaineering

Cerro Kirshtwar 2015

Doing an alpine style first-ascent in the Cerro Kirshtwar’s East face (6 200m) located in the Kashmir region. The team will be constitued of international and multi-generational elements.

India / 4 men               30 days   Mountaineering

Climb for the Fallen: Veterans Expeditions

VetEx will attempt its most ambitious objective yet as a team (made up of 7 veterans and one journalist) : climbs together to reach the top of North America. On Denali, they will act as their own guides and work as a cohesive unit to handle every aspect of the expedition from start to finish on our own.

USA / 7 men                     1 woman / 30 days   Mountaineering

Inuit Lines

Starting from Ittoqqortoormiut on the Greenland’s eastern coast, this expedition will last for two weeks in full autonomy using pulkas. The goal is to discover and ski new couloirs in this great uncharted mountain range.

Greenland                   5 men / 15 days Pulk-riding and skiing

The Lyngen’s Alps Crossing

This project’s goal is to cross entirely the Alps of Lyngen while climbing one glacier per day. During the crossing, it is planned to achieve several first-ascents on a few Norwegian unheralded summits.

Norway / 1 man            1 woman / 10 to 15 days / Mountaineering - exploration